AMD 64 and 4.10. will they work?

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Tue Sep 7 07:59:55 PDT 2004

Ara Avvali wrote:

>I have checked on site and what I can see that 5 is the one which actually
>supports athlon 64 processors. But what I am wondering if there is anyway to
>run it under 4.10 since we are looking for stable series. I mean is it
>possible to run 4.10 under AMD64 and if it is, do I get benefit from speed
>improvements over 32 bit processors or the only way to get a true 64bit is 5
>Thank you for help

FreeBSD 4.10 will install fine on an AMD64, but the processor will be 
running in 32-bit mode. Still, the AMD64 is the fastest 32-bit processor 
out there. ;-)

-Henrik W Lund

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