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Thanks for your response.
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> You don't say why you'd want to do this. If you want to allow customers 
> of an e-commerce site to avoid repeating their details whenever they 
> want to buy, perhaps consider basing the payment backend around PayPal. 
> The need for users to authenticate in order to make a payment hasn't 
> brought e-Bay to its knees.

Pretty much the end result would be Amazon like with the customer being able to choose a previously used card.  Is this possible without storing credit card numbers or using paypal?

Anyway thanks everyone for their replies thus far any input helps.


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> I'm afraid the awful truth is that if you need to ask this question 
> here, you shouldn't be storing other people's credit card details on 
> your server.
> If you want to use the numbers to confirm identity or something, you 
> could store an encrypted version of the number and use that for comparison.
> But to start storing plaintext CC details on your system without being 
> deeply expert in all the security issues raised would be very dangerous. 
> And the high degree of monitoring needed for such a system would make it 
> uneconomical without commensurately high volumes of business.
> Peter.

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