IBM Thinkpad R51 & FreeBSD 4.10???

Benjamin Thelen bt at
Tue Sep 7 02:10:55 PDT 2004

Hakim Z. Singhji wrote:
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> Hi All,
> I recently purchased an IBM Thinkpad R51 and I was looking to install
> FreeBSD 4.10. Has anyone ever done this? Should I anticipate any
> problems? Lastly I have never installed FreeBSD on a laptop before are
> there things that I should know before I get started? Thanks in advance
> for you help.
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I have successfully installed 4.10 on a R31 and a T22. There is some
info on the internet for older IBMs, but not much (see below).

Sound does work.
PCMCIA (16 bit!) should do, but I still could not test.
USB is working well.
Modem (winmodem) does more ore less *not* work. There is even a port 
(comms/ltmdm), providing a kernel-module, but I did not test it.
To setup X-Window with KDE is easy.

Overall, FreeBSD 4.10 on those IBMs, no Problem.

I found this in GENERIC:

# If you have a ThinkPAD, uncomment this along with the rest of the
PCVT lines
#options        PCVT_SCANSET=2          # IBM keyboards are non-std

I suppose R51 will be similar. Hope that helps. FreeBSD 5.x may be a 
better choice (ACPI, Cardbus,...whatever), but I still have no 5.x 
installation anywhere.

Good luck,

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