MBR problem with FreeBSD 5.3 beta

dick hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Mon Sep 6 10:28:13 PDT 2004

On 06 Sep JJB wrote:
> > I experienced the same thing w/ beta-2
> > Just *before* putting an image back I discovered that beta-2 had
> > *changed* the LBA setting of my harddrive to another value.
> > Putting this back (manualy forcing the bios into using LBA), my
> > windows came back on.. Pfftt..
> >
> > Def not a nice thing of beta-2 ;-(
> I have the same problem with 5.3 beta-2.
> How about some details explaining how you reset the HD to LBA mode.
> This is a bug with 5.3 that needs to be reported back to the
> development team so it gets fixed by next weekly beta release.

I don't know what to report. Have no idea why this beta does this. I
simply *forced* the drive back to LBA mode in the bios, that's it.
(normally it's on 'automatic' ;-)

FreeBSD-beta-2 had put the drive into 'LRG' (Large). It took me a while
to see what happened. You are surprised because the drive just halts and
you have no idea why. Now I know this sometimes can happen (even as a
bug) it will not take me that long again to find out ;-)

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