Fwd: external todo patch to qmail (ports)

Emil Isberg freebsd at pyttemjuk.se
Mon Sep 6 08:33:51 PDT 2004


I sent the following message to the qmail port maintainer.
External todo patch is a good option to have for busy mailservers since if 
you continously get email to your smtp-server then qmail-send can't keep up 
with both todo-queue and spawning qmail-local/qmail-remote.

I don't suggest changing the default install, but only add external todo as 
an option for those of us that use freebsd and qmail for busy mailservers.

I have not yet received any response from the qmail port maintainer so I 
wonder where I should go and whom I should turn to to get it included in 
the port or a reason why it shouldn't be added.

>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 12:14:55 +0200
>To: lioux at FreeBSD.org
>From: Emil Isberg <emil at pyttemjuk.se>
>Subject: external todo patch to qmail (ports)
>I noticed you are maintainer for the qmail port in FreeBSD.
>I've recently needed ext_todo patch for several installations of qmail 
>(where I couldn't use qmail-ldap) so I created a patch to include that 
>patch into the main qmail port.
>I've attached it to this mail and hope this could be included in the ports.
>You might want to check for other dist sites for this patch.
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