MBR problem with FreeBSD 5.3 beta

dick hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Mon Sep 6 03:33:29 PDT 2004

On 06 Sep Pedro n/a wrote:
> In the first time I rebooted my computer, after I've finished the 
> installation of this version, my motherboard started to beep and I didn't 
> know what to do.
> After reseting the computer I realized that I could no longer "boot" my 
> Windows. I did selected it from BootMng and it gave no response. Even 
> though I tried to use FDISK /MBR to rewrite the MBR, all my effords were in 
> vain and I couldn't start windows again.
> Recently I've reinstalled an old release version (trustworthy) but windows 
> still unable to boot.
> Does anyone know anything that  could be helpful?

I experienced the same thing w/ beta-2
Just *before* putting an image back I discovered that beta-2 had
*changed* the LBA setting of my harddrive to another value.
Putting this back (manualy forcing the bios into using LBA), my windows
came back on.. Pfftt..

Def not a nice thing of beta-2 ;-(

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