ports vs source

Cristi Tauber cristi.tauber at sbhost.ro
Sun Sep 5 23:10:47 PDT 2004

           Ok. thanks ... i got that ... but one problem remains . On
linux the command ./configure --help gives me the options to configure
the source for compile (eg suport for mysql/oracle/etc; other switches
not related to optimization, ... etc) How can i do this with ports ... i
mean ... make -DWITH="/path/to/mysql/" (just an example) to compile the
source with mysql support ... is there a way to find the options for a
port ?!? 


On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 22:54, Vulpes Velox wrote:
> On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 17:26:11 +0300
> Cristi Tauber <cristi.tauber at sbhost.ro> wrote:
> >      Hello there,
> >   Can anyone tell me which are the avantages of installing from
> >   ports
> > rather than installing from tar balls ? I am kind of new to BSD, and
> > I'm familiar with linux install from tar & stuff. I know to give the
> > switches to configure to tune the source for installation ... but
> > how i can find the parameters for port install ? I mean ... let's
> > say i want to install php and i have to give the path to mysql,
> > apache and others graphical libraries ... how can I do that with
> > ports ? 
> The ability to squeze the absolute max out using /etc/make.conf  is
> what I love about ports.
> CPUTYPE?=athlon-xp
> CFLAGS= -O -m3dnow -msse -mmmx  -pipe
> CXXFLAGS+= -fmemoize-lookups -fsave-memoized -m3dnow -msse -mmmx
> or something like that ^_^
> afaik all packages for 4x defualt to i386 and on 5x i486 so there is
> less optimizations... for something there is no noticeable
> differneces... for something there are...  my suggestion is to make
> sure stuff that eats cpu time is optimized... 
> man ports
> man make.conf
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