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Huajian Luo whatluo at
Sun Sep 5 20:25:02 PDT 2004

  I have a Compaq Evo N610c Laptop and installed with
5.2.1 release, The Modem is a Lucent winmodem , I've 
installed comm/ltmdm and config /etc/ppp/ppp.conf as
enable dns
and I run #ppp -ddial myISP and check 
/var/log/ppp/log everything is Ok , 
but when I do
#cvsup -g  -L2  /etc/ports-supfile
it output:

Name Lookup fail for,
host name lookup failed will retry at.blah-blah

--the question is should I comment out "enable dns"
in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf to make it not check nameserver
, cause when I dailed from windows ,I just need the 
ISP's phone number and user/pass everything is OK.

I just wanna dial to web when I'm at home, so I don't
know how to config /etc/resolv.conf, cause this is 
just a stand alone laptop and the Ip was dynamic 
allocated by my ISP, and I pick up the phone an
heard "ZzzzZzz", which means I've dialed onto web,
and nslookup show me the same problem,

thanks in advances,



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