sandisk sd 256MB freebsd install

jason jason at
Sun Sep 5 14:59:59 PDT 2004

Brian Henning wrote:

>My goal is to make a minimal install of FBSD on a 256 MB sandisk memory card.  I have a usb card reader and I was wondering if there exists any instructions on how to perform the install out on the web. I tried googling for it and found nothing useful.
>Any thoughts,
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Feel free to put an os on flash, but not the swap partion.  If you have 
enough ram you might not need it depending on what you are doing.

Here is some info

Looking at 
the transfer speeds are very fast.

Checking will show 
reliability of write/erase endurance at 100,000 cycles.  For data 
storage and just reading 1s and 0s flash lasts a very long time.  Just 
don't write to them as a swap file or you could kill it real quick. 

For a flash drive like the usb san disk, it shows up just as a scsi.  If 
you need a swap drive you should think about a md in ram or mount a fs 
after boot and make it sawp.  Like an extra partion on a 80 gig drive.  
That is if you are going to take it to demo on windows pcs.  If its for 
a diskless computer I would pop in an old spare ide or go with out a swap.

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