is there an 'open-source' RealPlayer?

Gary Kline kline at
Sun Sep 5 11:14:03 PDT 2004

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 11:43:59PM -0700, kstewart wrote:
> >
> >  Can you check your pkg list and list the mozilla
> >  and java ports?  --If thr linuxpluginwrapper will
> >  magically make FBSD mozilla work:: WOW!
> The thing is that RealPlayer, Adobe, flash, and etc. or all linux apps. I 
> think the wrapper is just as important as the x-wrapper is to run as 
> non-root. 
> When I installed it, and followed the instructions, I could use acrobat, and 
> some of the flash/shockwave stuff in both konqueror and mozilla. Realplay 
> never showed up in the plugin list for mozilla but I can go to a site that 
> has *.ram files and click them and hear the music.
>  Konqueror is really anal when it comes to getting rid of kmplayer as the 
> defautl. I can also visit the same site as mozilla and play the *.ram files.
> The thing is that I moved into so many places that I don't know what 
> made mozilla work. I got the idea from the links in the about plugin link on 
> mozilla > help. It was basically any place that locate claimed to be a 
> mozilla plugin directory. It was finally - well, I give up, let see what it 
> does and it worked. I don't have a clue what fixed it because I was looking 
> for it in the plugin list and it never showed up.
> Kent
	Sounds somewhat like my experience with getting things to
	Just Work {TM}.  Took me altogether several days to get
	java, javavm, jdk,sdk, whatevertheheck to work with 
	l-mozilla and the flashplugin and acrobat and realplayer.

	Now it works; but installing it on my laptop is more than
	a chore-and-a-half.  Not worth the effort.  Maybe someday
	I'll figure it out and put together a cookbook tutorial.
	Make it my life's goal to keep it current... .


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