Depinguinator and sysinstall

Jeremias Reith jr at
Sun Sep 5 09:15:58 PDT 2004


I am currently trying to install 5.2.1 remotely on a server using the 
depinguinator ( ).

It boots without problems but I am unable to install a FreeBSD using 

sysinstall does not create slices and lables. If I commit my settings 
I'll get an error for each partition that it does not exist ("Error: 
/dev/ad0s1x does not exsist").

But there is no problem in doing it manually with fdisk and disklabel.

For this reason I tried to mount everything in /mnt and told sysinstall 
to use /mnt as base path (expert mode) but the installation uses /usr 
instead of /mnt/usr. This will cause a failure because /usr is a mem disk.

As there any other way in installing FreeBSD semi-manually?


Jeremias Reith

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