is there an 'open-source' RealPlayer?

kstewart kstewart at
Sat Sep 4 19:52:16 PDT 2004

On Saturday 04 September 2004 07:43 pm, kstewart wrote:

> > > What java plugin are you talking about?
> >
> >  Not a plugin but whatever jdk-* supports java in its
> >  many uses.  javascript and whatever else.  On my laptop
> >  I have netscape7 which appears to come with everything
> >  pre-built and -installed.  Given my druthers, I rather
> >  use mozilla.
> I have java running in mozilla. Did you also install
> linuxpluginwrapper-20040831 and follow the instructions?

Never mind. I went back to a place that always worked with mozilla and it 
doesn't now. If you choose help and about plugins, the java stuff shows up 
but it isn't working


> > > I have a volcano in México called Popocatépetl that I follow and I need
> > > a javavm plugin setup for mozilla.The page used to work with mozilla
> > > and not konqueror but now it works with konqueror and not mozilla.
> > >
> > >  RealPlayer8 work with both of them but works much better with mozilla.
> > > I got irritated with my setup while I was typing this and fixed
> > > konqueror so that it would default to realplay on *.ram files.
> >
> >  Have you used links -g?  I finally figured out howto get both
> >  realplay and xmms|zink to work with this browser.  Happened to
> >  discover that Real does play mp3's.  Works with Shoutcast.
> Will have to look into this.
> >  Next step is to see if I can get mplayer going.

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