ISDN Jack Installation

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Sat Sep 4 15:17:28 PDT 2004

it was said:

>My new house is currently being built, and I am wondering if I should 
>install an ISDN jack now so that the SBC people don't have to do it 
>once the walls are up and I actually want an ISDN connection.  What do

>the people who install it have to do to get is upstairs when they 
>install it, is it difficult?  How is an ISDN line added, and can I do 
>it myself?  Thanks.


ISDN isn't DSL. You can't run it on the same wire your phone service
and use filters to allow their simultaneous use. But installing it
yourself is very easy. All you need is a Cat3 (standard telco) cable
run from the NID (network interface device - where the phone lines come
in the house) to where ever you want the ISDN service. The telco hooks
the wires (single pair) together at the NID, tells you which colors to
use at the receptacle, and you just saved yourself US$100-$300.



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