Mouse pointer invisible in Gnome2

Paul Smith stork at QNET.COM
Sat Sep 4 13:56:51 PDT 2004

I installed 4.10 with XF86 4.3 and Gnome2 on my IBM Thinkpad 600X laptop,
which has a Neomagic video card.  I used ncurses to configure
/etc/X11/XF86Config.  Everything went fine except when I brought up Gnome
the mouse pointer was nowhere to be seen.  The mouse was working because
when I moved it icons it evidently passed across would light up.  The mouse
pointer was invisible.

On the same machine 5.2.1 freezes up when I xinit.  Control-Alt-Backspace,
Alt-F2 and all other commands known to me do nothing.  To close it I had to
unplug the power cable and remove the battery, not a preferred method to
shut down.

Red Hat 9 installs and runs perfectly (apart from the Lucent modem), and
Gnome has a mouse pointer!  An OS from Redmond which will remain Gnomeless
installs and runs perfectly. 

I really like 4.10.  How can I make the mouse pointer visible like in Red

Paul Smith
semenbank at

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