Problems using USB Storage devices...

Keatis yux at
Sat Sep 4 09:03:10 PDT 2004


I've encountered a problem using USB Flash drives and USB HDD.
I have 2 PCs, first - Intel Pentium PII 233MHz on LX chipset with Intel USB controller, USB1.0 (let's call this pc1), and second - Intel Pentium Xeon 2.4GHz with SCSI, LSILogic MegaRAID controllers and Intel 82801DB USB controller, USB1.0. There is also 4 SCSI HDDs in two RAID 1 - amrd0 and amrd1 respectively (let's call this pc2).

FreeBSD-5.2.1-RELEASE is installed on both pc1 and pc2 (using GENERIC kernel).
device scbus
device da
device pass
device uhci
device ohci
device ehci
device usb
device umass
are present in kernel config. And usbd_enabled="yes" in rc.conf.
Systems are fresh-installed and no configs were changed on both PCs.

USB-Drives using on pc1 is problemless. usbd is reporting on 1st console attach/detach actions, umassX and daX devices are created properly, then, mount - is no question, it works fine.

But, the problem is pc2.
When i attach either Flash-drive, or USB HDD, usbd keeps silence and doesn't report anything. So umass and da devices are NOT created. And so, i can't use any usb-drives at all. Usb mouse is working fine and usbd tells its words on 1st console when i detach mouse.

Can't figure out what's the problem, so i want ask you to help.
Can you explain, what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!!

uname -a is FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE #0: Mon Feb 23 20:45:55 GMT 2004 root at i386
Flash-drives are SanDisk 128Mb and JetFlash 256Mb,
USB HDD is Maxtor EXT 200Mb USB2.0
USB hubs on pc2 are not broken. They worked fine on previous MS Windows 2003 Server.

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