minor gcc 3.4 issue

LiQuiD liquid at homebass.ca
Sat Sep 4 08:36:25 PDT 2004

Please forgive me if there was an easy way to find this out and I'm
retarded, but uhm... how can I know if the issue brought forward in the
post last month by the person below applies to the 4.x or 5.x branch?

I have a FreeBSD system that was cvsup'd to -STABLE on jul. 24th and I'd
like to do so again in the next few weeks.  However, I'm reluctant to do
so if this new compiler is an issue as this machine is a mail server and
dns server for my network.

Thank you,

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> 	According to UPDATING:
> 20040728:
>         System compiler has been upgraded to GCC 3.4.2-pre. As with
>         any major compiler upgrade, there are several issues to be
>         aware of. GCC 3.4.x has broken C++ ABI compatibility with
>         previous releases yet again and users will have to rebuild
>         all their C++ programs with the new compiler.
> 	Is there any way to determine which programs those would be,
> short of running them and watching them break?  (I'm thinking
> something which looks at the source code or makefiles ....)
> 					Robert Huff
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