portupgrade, portsdb -U failing, ruby dumping core

Mike Hauber m.hauber at mchsi.com
Fri Sep 3 18:48:01 PDT 2004

I've seen this twice on my system (4.1.0).  The first time 
it happened, I fetched a new index, ran cvsup, updated the 
portsdb, and everything seemed to work okay for about three 

The second time was a couple of days ago.  I rebuilt a 
cvsup'd system, removed the entire ports tree, reinstalled 
it, ran cvsup, and portsdb updated without incident.  So 
far, no problems, and I've been poking at it regularly just 
to see if it will do it again soon so I can try to capture 

At first, I figured it had something to do with blanktime 
(or apm), but I didn't have them installed the second time 
it happened...  Still waiting to see if I can catch it in 
the act.

That said, I don't think it has anything to do with the 
version of the system's build.

More later (hopefully not, but...  :) )


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