sendmail setup

chip at chip at
Fri Sep 3 16:58:41 PDT 2004

At work I am trying to get a newly setup FreeBSD-5.2.1 box to work as a
outbound mail only box, nothing else at will run on it. I have set up
the relay-domains file, relay-local-hosts file and the access file. I
then ran make. I may not have the file names exact, I'm at home now and
the machine is at the office. At any rate, no matter what I do, the box
will not send mail out to the world. DNS does work. I have checked the
faq and docs on the sendmail site, read several web pages (though I
don't know what version those were relating to). 

The BSD box is on the lan right now, but it could be just as easily put
on the dmz, along with the web server.
Could someone please just explain what is needed to make it send mail
out to the world from just one machine on the lan. It can't be as hard
as it appears to be.

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