Max # of Files in a Directory?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Sep 2 15:58:53 PDT 2004

In the last episode (Sep 02), Danny MacMillan said:
> I googled for this but I couldn't find an answer.
> What is the largest number of files that can exist in a single
> directory in FreeBSD?  I ask because I'm using courier-imap using a
> Maildir mailbox and I started seeing all kinds of errors when trying
> to copy more than 16383 messages into one of my folders there.  I'm
> retrieving mail from a

There's a limit of 16384 subdirectories in a single directory (due to
the fact that each subdir has a .. file that's linked to the parent),
but there's no real limit on the number of file.  Try truss'ing the
imap process and see exactly what syscalls are failing.

	Dan Nelson
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