can't install ndiswrapper

John DeStefano deesto at
Thu Sep 2 12:34:05 PDT 2004

--- "Jorge Mario G." <murcielako at> wrote:
> Hi there guys
Hi Jorge!
> look this links has a great how to
Yup, I found that and have been trying to hack my way through that
procedure, as well as another, similar one that Radek suggested.  The
main trouble seems to be that NDIS works only with kernel versions
LATER than 5.2.1, which is what I have installed.  It has been
suggested that I try and upgrade to 5.3-BETA (as much as I'm wary of
betas, I may have no choice in order to get this working).
> also instead of fetching the you could retrive the
> sources using cvsup
> just get usr-sys and usr-sbin
Good suggestion, but how can I cvsup if I don't have a working 'Net
interface? ;)  Seriously, I could download and burn these directories
to a CD on another machine, but I think I'm going to go with burning
the 5.3beta2 mini-install CD instead (since I need to burn a CD
> Jorge
Thanks again Jorge.
I'm certainly grateful there is ANY support for this hardware, but this
hasn't been easy so far, and information has been hard to come by.


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