Installing on Compaq DL380 with IDA RAID

Doug Poland wisco_disco at
Wed Sep 1 18:31:19 PDT 2004

I, myself, said:
> I'm having a problem installing 5.3-BETA2 on this box with a
> Compaq Integrated SMART Array Controller.  
> ...snip...
> the OS tells me, something to the effect, "OS not found".
The actual message is...

  "Non-System disk or disk error
  "replace and strike any key when ready"

> I've tried installing the FreeBSD boot manager, a standard boot
> record, and to leave the MBR untouched.  I've also tried
> 4.9-RELEASE just to see if there was a problem with 5.3-BETA2. 
> matter what I try, I cannot get the Compaq BIOS to recognize the
> OS I just installed on the drive array.
> I must be missing something obvious, but googling and perusing
> archives hasn't helped.
>From what I've found, I am missing something.  I got my other used
Compaq today (DL 580) that also has an Integrated SMART Array
Controller.  The difference is, when I see the partitions in the
Partition editor, on the DL580 I see two partitions...

  idad0s1 : 	Compaq diagnostic
  idad0s2 :	freebsd

The DL580 prompts me to enter System Utilities <F10> after the
initializes, the problem DL380 does not.  After that the DL580
happily into FreeBSD 5.3-BETA2, the DL380 gives me the error above.

So it appears that I must have a Compaq diagnostic partition in
order to boot.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Neither of these two machines came with any CD-ROMS.  I was reading
on the Compaq/HP website that I'm supposed to have a SmartSTART CD
and a System Utilities CD.  Presumably, if I had said SmartSTART
I could boot off of it and it would create my Compaq diagnostic
partition?  If someone has a DL380, could they make ISO images of
the Compaq CD's and make them available to me?  Or can one simply
download them from Compaq/HP?

> Thanks for your assistance...
You're welcome :)


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