5.1, 5.2, or 5.3???

Curtis Vaughan curtis at npc-usa.com
Wed Sep 1 10:58:21 PDT 2004

So, I have been told that I shouldn't put 5.x on a production box, but 
on the other hand I need pam_ldap, nss_ldap support on my box, which I 
have also been told is only available in 5.x.  Whereas this is to be a 
Postfix server, I would like to know, which version of 5.x should I 
install, or perhaps there is a way to use linux emulation for pam and 
nss under 4.x?  If, however, 5.x I must install, which would people 
recommend and what problems will I be facing by putting it into 


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