Installing on Compaq DL380 with IDA RAID

Olaf Hoyer ohoyer at
Wed Sep 1 01:41:55 PDT 2004

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Doug Poland wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm having a problem installing 5.3-BETA2 on this box with a Compaq
> Integrated SMART Array Controller.  The install CD detects the array
> and I can partition, label, and install 5.3-BETA2 through the post-
> install configuration.  However, when I reboot, the OS tells me,
> something to the effect, "OS not found".


I assume you have the Generation1 of the DL380 running, white case, dual
Slot1 CPUs up to ~800MHz, 4U chassis, 4HDD available.

The smartarray SCSI Controller sits on a dedicated PCI card,
Configuration of that puppy is made via the Compaq Smartstart CD.

> I've tried installing the FreeBSD boot manager, a standard boot
> record, and to leave the MBR untouched.  I've also tried 4.9-RELEASE
> just to see if there was a problem with 5.3-BETA2.  No matter what
> I try, I cannot get the Compaq BIOS to recognize the OS I just
> installed on the drive array.

I had a machine with FreeBSD 4.8-R happily doing netsaint monitoring for
some months, so we can assume that there are some settings wrong.

Clasical candidates for this are:
OS Type in BIOS (respectively the corresponding part to be set up via
Smartstart CD) should be set to NT 4.0, at least this worked for me.
I had the HDD set up as RAID 1, after that I installed 4.8-R from CD as
the only OS on that HDDs.

Try swapping your PCI cards into different slots, its some known issue
regarding PCI Interrupt routing on those Compaq designs.

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