Determining original FBSD version

jason jason at
Sun Oct 31 14:24:47 PST 2004

Gerard Samuel wrote:

> jason wrote:
>> Gerard Samuel wrote:
>>> I plan on making the move to 5.3 on boxes running 4.10
>>> via a fresh install.
>>> The thought came to me as to what was the original version of
>>> FreeBSD did I install on those boxes.
>>> Usually I upgrade the boxes via build/install world.
>>> If there is way to find out, that it would be interesting to know.
>>> If not, no big deal, as its an absent minded thought...
>>> Thanks
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>> I think all you can do is know what version you have now(uname -a).  
>> Other thatn that search for the oldest file on your computer. 
> That gave me an idea.  I looked at the date of kernel.GENERIC, and a 
> few other files
> in /etc.  They have a date of April 21 2001.
> All I have to do to find out the exact version, is to boot the GENERIC 
> kernel.
> I dont have a keyboard/monitor hooked up to it right now, but I'll 
> check it out,
> before I destroy it when I install 5.3.
Good, but you need not boot it.  You can check the release date for 4.6 
and 4.4 to find which one it should.  If you don't care about running a 
kernel out of sink with your world then by all means do it.  Be sure to 
back up data first and I would recommend going into single user mode to 
help avoid a possible panic or other strange behavior.

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