mysql and system/nice cpu usage

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Oct 31 04:19:25 PST 2004

Omer Faruk Sen wrote:
> I have web server which uses php+mysql. As far as I have searched the 
> best thing to use mysql on FreeBSD is to use linuxthreads. [ ... ]
> 240 processes: 7 running, 233 sleeping
> CPU states: 10.9% user, 73.9% nice, 12.5% system,  2.7% interrupt,  0.0% 
> idle
> Mem: 244M Active, 1309M Inact, 309M Wired, 93M Cache, 199M Buf, 56M Free
> Swap: 3072M Total, 24K Used, 3072M Free

Well, you've managed to saturate the available CPU power with the workload. 
If you've already done some performance tuning at the FreeBSD level by 
adjusting your kernel config and followed "man tuning", you aren't likely to 
get much further by tweaking FreeBSD's config.

Look into optimizing your database utilization by checking the SQL query 
histogram, particularly if your site ends up doing transaction(s) for each 
HTTP hit.  People write books on database management and tuning, and you 
should look there rather than to a FreeBSD list for advice.  :-)

You could also get another machine and run the database and webserver on 
seperate systems to help site performance by dividing and concentrating the 
workload.  Consider switching from MySQL to postgres or a database you 
actually pay for: Oracle, Sybase, Frontbase, etc.

You could also consider another web middleware/scripting evironment than PHP 
which handles database interactions more efficiently: Zope, JSP, WebObjects.


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