cvsup....base and prefix???

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at
Sun Oct 31 03:14:56 PST 2004

Aaron P. Martinez wrote:
> I have successfully used cvsup a few times now...and i am comfortable
> with what the base and the prefix do.  
> My question is why would someone put things in different locations than
> for instance........./usr for both base and/or prefix?  
> I have seen a few different options used both in the cvs up faq on the
> cvsup homepage, the handbook and also in "the complete freebsd"  they
> all have different places listed..but not one single place is any
> discussion about the theory or logic behind where it is placed.
> This is really just a "help me understand the philosophy" question as it
> seems that no matter where i place my 'base' and 'prefix' paths..the
> cvsup will work...just trying to get a grasp on _why_ i would want it
> one place more than another.
> Thanks in advance,
> Aaron

Being no authority on the matter, I can let you know my thoughts on it.

The base path is where CVSup places all the "metadata", i.e. all of the 
control information regarding the files you download.  The prefix path 
is where CVSup places the files it downloads.

The first thing that strikes me logical about changing these two is that 
you can then track several different branches. For instance, -CURRENT in 
/usr/src-CURRENT and -STABLE in /usr/src (the default).

Alternatively, you can point the base and prefix paths at an NFS mount 
and in that way "seamlessly distribute" the sources.

In short, your fantasy is the only limitation. The option to change them 
exists to add flexibility. After all, you'd rather have the option there 
and never need it, than *not* having it and needing it /desparately/, 
wouldn't you? ;-)

Henrik W Lund

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