Using extra patches with the ports collection and qmail-mysql

Danny MacMillan flowers at
Fri Oct 29 12:29:45 PDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 08:46:18AM -0600, CHris Rich wrote:
> Here's the story...
> I'm trying to compile qmail-mysql with a new patch that I have found.
> We've got a test mail server set up explicitly for trying this. Did
> some googling and asked a question on here earlier about how exactly
> you get a patch to compile with the ports collection. The answer was
> to put into the files folder of the port you are trying to install.
> Well qmail-mysql did not have the particular directory but after
> looking into the qmail directory I found such a folder. (This is after
> doing a make fetch WITH_BIG_CONCURRENCY=yes and make extract in the
> qmail-mysql port). We put our patch into the
> /usr/ports/mail/qmail/files directory and then did a make install.
> Once that was finished and finishing the other tasks of getting qmail
> to work we find that the patch didn't compile. It didn't do what we
> thought it would do.
> So my question is this...what did we do wrong? Should the patch have
> been somewhere else? This is the patch we were trying to use:
> Version of FreeBSD is 5.2.1.
> Thanks in advance

I'm no expert on this, but I'll give it a go...

I believe the name of the patch is significant.  It =must= be called
patch-somethingorother.  I would follow the naming conventions of the
patches already present.  (I believe the patches are applied in
lexical filename order).  I don't know if you've named the patch
correctly or not.

Also, it seems that the patch needs to be adjusted to work within the
context of its location in the ports tree.  The very first things I
see when I look at the patch are references to files in the relative
path ../qmail-1.03-patched/  Since it would seem that neither that
directory nor the files within exist when FreeBSD applies the patches,
I doubt the patch is properly applied. :)

As long as all other things are equal (but remember, Spock said
"Things are not equal,") you should just be able to adjust the paths
to the patched files to match their actual location.

If things are not equal, you might have to make other changes to the
Makefile patch (in particular) to get it to play nicely in the FreeBSD
environment.  It shouldn't be too hard, the patch looks quite compact.

Disclaimer:  This could all be complete nonsense, and probably is.


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