Read only access to ALL files? Or: how do I safely backup the complete system to an offsite machine?

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Fri Oct 29 10:17:33 PDT 2004

Hello Ruben,

Friday, October 29, 2004, 4:20:42 PM, you wrote:

>> Or maybe someone knows of a rsync version that is safe to be run a
>> suid root as it won't ever change anything on the filesystem?

> Users in the group "operators" have read-only access to the raw 
> disk-devices in /dev. These devices are used by dump(8).

> All other backup strategies (tar, cpio, rsync, ..) work on the 
> filesystem itself rather than the underlying device and will need
> root access.

Now if only dump would be of any use for backups over slow links. Ah
well, I'm gonna come up with some hack, eventually ;-)

Best regards,

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