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>>As far as being "nowhere as good as you can buy", take a WatchGuard 
>>X1000 for example, they're pretty popular because they work. People 
>>that use
>>them always tell me they prefer them to any *Nix based solution. By 
>>statement, I know they've not really looked into that unit because the
>>developers plainly state that it runs on a Linux hardened kernel. It
>>terminates vpn connections, both ipsec and pptp, rate limits, nats and
>>firewalls. All of the very same features you can do with Linux or 
>>using the appropriate packages.
> -------------------
> I never said anything about the O/S not being able to do it...
> "works" is a relative term. Most of the linux firewall/bwmgt boxes are 
> just
> the
> same marginal stuff in the native O/S with a front end. Its better 
> than
> nothing,
> but no better than dummynet, so no sense bringing them up. Allot's 
> stuff runs
> on linux, etinc's stuff runs on both linux and freebsd. So it 
> certainly can be
> done on un*x.
> The problem with dummynet is that once you do all the work and figure 
> it all
> out,
> its still only marginally functional compared to something relatively
> inexpensive.
> So instead of buying the $3500 box that is everything you need, you've 
> spend
> $800
> on hardware, $2000 worth of time, and you still have something not 
> nearly as
> good.

One question, have you ever used dummynet? If so, I'm curious as to why 
you find it only marginal. Not to be rude, but if you've not used it, 
please stop trolling.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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