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>>> Listen pal, there's are reason this stuff is free; figure it out for 
> yourself!
>>Dear troll,
> I notice that you conveniently omitted the smiley, you uptight loser.  Relax 
> a 
> bit and get off the sauce.

Dear troll,

The definition of a troll:

" A purposely stupid, inflammatory, or downright wrong article 
(closely related to flamebait). Its purpose is to get people mad 
and make them look stupid and gullible"
Source (your beloved AOL):

Let's break down your response to see how you define as one.
> "Listen pal.."
Original message from: "spiraleyedgirl at ..."
I guess that's just plain stupid.

> "there's are reason.."
No comment.

> "this stuff is free; figure it out for yourself!"

The original question was:
> Where can I find information on programming for FreeBSD?
Which you didn't seem to answer.

Finally, the original message was posted October 17th, your
answer however was posted October 28th, after 5 positive
posts and 11 days.

So I believe when Mr. Keramidas saluted you with "Dear troll"
he wasn't wrong at all.

Look at the bright side, he said "Dear", and your trolling actually

Have a nice day.

Eihab E. Ibrahim

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