7520 Chipset support in 4.x

Rob Watt rob at hudson-trading.com
Thu Oct 28 11:23:23 PDT 2004

> Many of the new MBs from such tiny vendors as Dell and Supermicro
> are based on the 7520, and word is that FreeBSD 4.x doesn't support
> it. Is support forthcoming?

We have 2 Dell PowerEdge 1850 servers which have the e7520 chipset. They
hang consistently in 4.10-RELEASE and below whenever there is high network
or disk utilization. We have not been able to get any debugging info.
After upgrading to 4.10-STABLE a couple of weeks ago, they no longer hang,
but they are _really_ slow to perform network and disk operations.

They work fine in FreeBSD 5.3, but unfortunately our applications do not
run without recompiling. We do not want to change our environment to
support different binaries for different machines, and we don't want to
use 5.X in production until it is STABLE.

I want to echo the above question. Are there patches available or
forthcoming to fix the problems with the e7520?


Rob Watt

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