SATA Raid support

Scott Gerhardt scott at
Thu Oct 28 09:47:43 PDT 2004

Can anyone recommend a SATA RAID card that does true hardware RAID and 
works with 4.10 Release?
I can't find any definitive documentation for this... All I seem to 
find are conflicting or incomplete reports via google and mailing 

I know the twe driver supports 3Ware Escalade, but does it support the 
8500 and 9500 series cards?

What about these 4 channel SATA cards?:
  Adaptec 2410SA
  Intel SRCS14
  3Ware 8506-4LP
  3Ware 9500S-4LP


Scott A. Gerhardt, P.Geo.
Gerhardt Information Technologies

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