Resired features/wish list for FreeBSD

Patrick Dung patrick_dkt at
Thu Oct 28 09:07:38 PDT 2004


First of all, I know that most commiters or
contributors contribute their work in their free time.
I am not asking for any promise but I just want to
discuss possible improvement for FreeBSD.

OK, after using FreeBSD for some time, I would like to
see FreeBSD have these features/improvements:

1) OpenLDAP Integration
FreeBSD has OpenLDAP support in the ports, but I think
it would be great if FreeBSD support LDAP out of the
box (just like Solaris and most Linux distro)
There are areas to improve:
- nsswitch (it's in the ports)
But it only support passwd and group now.
- naming cache daemon (nscd)
Without this one, the workstation will query the LDAP
server everytime with just very simple command like
A lookupd is in the ports but it would be great if it
is integrated and/or improved.

2) A stable software raid implementation
To my knowledge, vinum is not very stable in 5.x.

3) Java improvement
It seems that the development has been stopped after
JDK 1.3.1/1.4.2 for a long time.
Java performance in FreeBSD is not very good.

4) Some nice ports are broken in 5.x
Like tripwire


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