Vinum: df -h size and vinum list size not nearly the same

h0444lp6 h0444lp6 at
Thu Oct 28 05:26:06 PDT 2004

Dear list,

I do wonder a little about the difference in the size for my
/dev/vinum/usr reported by =A1=A7vinum list=A1=A8 and =A1=A7df =
I concatenated three 1303MB partitions. "vinum list" shows as expected a
size of 3909MB for volume usr, but df -h shows me only the size 1303MB.



# vinum list
3 drives:
D drive_1               State: up	Device /dev/ad0s1f	Avail:
0/1303 MB (0%)
D drive_2               State: up	Device /dev/ad1s1g	Avail:
0/1303 MB (0%)
D drive_3               State: up	Device /dev/ad2s1g	Avail:
0/1303 MB (0%)

1 volumes:
V usr                   State: up	Plexes:       1	Size:       3909

1 plexes:
P usr.p0              C State: up	Subdisks:     3	Size:       3909

3 subdisks:
S usr.p0.s0             State: up	PO:        0  B Size:       1303
S usr.p0.s1             State: up	PO:     1303 MB Size:       1303
S usr.p0.s2             State: up	PO:     2606 MB Size:       1303

# df =A1Vh
Filesystem       Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ad0s1a      252M    35M   197M    15%    /
/dev/vinum/usr   1.3G   260M   921M    22%    /usr
/dev/ad1s1e      252M   218K   232M     0%    /var
/dev/ad2s1e      252M   4.0K   232M     0%    /var/tmp
procfs           4.0K   4.0K     0B   100%    /proc

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