W. D. WD at
Wed Oct 27 11:16:35 PDT 2004

At 04:18 10/27/2004, Jaime Moss wrote:
>I am looking at non Microsoft platforms for a mail server.
>Does FreeBSD have one in it ?

Yes.  I use qmail--it's very good with high volume.

>I will also be looking at Linux.
>What is the differnce between FreeBSD and Linux?

They are both good operating systems.  Many people prefer
FreeBSD because of the ease of installing and maintaining
software via the 'Ports' system.

More in depth explantions via links are on my FreeBSD Install

Also on that page is a link to where
you can search the FreeBSD archives:

Welcome to FreeBSD--no reason to be sorry!  ;^)

>Kind regards
>Jaime Moss
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