Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point. The Human Race, is by nature
a lazy race. We, as in, ALL humans, strive to make our life easier. I'm well
aware of monopolies and their effect on us. I'm also aware of how technology
has changed our lives. If you think that you, or I don't have it easy? Go
check out the Amish. Ask them about why they don't have autos, or computers,
electricity, running water, internal plumbing or any other item you and I
take for granted on a day to day basis. Live for a year in the middle east
in a tent, with none of those items and tell me that you'd not be thrilled
to have a toilet to sit on again.

As for your Milk monopoly, a few words, Pail, Bucket and grab an udder and
"roll your own". Unless you own the source of a product, you can't
monopolize it, or prevent others from undercutting you.

Don't harp on me about the internet and it's creation and how or why it was
designed. I know why it was designed as I was a part of the US Air Forces
side of it's inception. It's initial civilian usage was designed to allow
colleagues from the testing universities to share data quickly and
efficiently. DNS was designed because a host file couldn't hold every host
that used it. The US Military had an interest in it as a possible redundant
network in the event that Autovon, or Autodin failed and wanted a
non-centralized network that could still function in the event of
catastrophic failure of their internal communications network.

Bottom Line.

We're lazy, we've always been lazy and damn it, we WILL always look for
something easier, more convienient that can do more.

So, to you, Windows is harder to administrate, to me Unix is harder to
administrate. Who do you think's had to spend more time on the phone getting
someone else to answer their questions and who's had to look it all up
themself? I don't call MS for my issues.


Micheal Patterson
Senior Communications Systems Engineer

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