Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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> I said it takes a higher
> talent level to generally administer a un*x box than a windows
> box. I don't
> think that just because you can think of something thats not easy to do
> in windows makes any point at all. The fact that a un*x guy had
> to be called in to solve the problem says alot about the type of
> talent that
> is required to do most things that windows techs do.

Do you know how many new customers the ISP I work at has signed up over the
years who have had preexisting Exchange servers that were open relays?

ALL of them who had exchange servers were open!

Of course, we liked this, because several times the new customers came
to us bitching about our competitors who had "the slowest Internet
connection in the world"

Needless to say, scanning for an open relays on IP addresses we assign
to a new customer is SOP for us - we nip this in the bud right away.

And to top it off, once fixed, most of them still don't even make the
connection that their former ISP's internet connection wasn't the problem,
it was the hundred thousand spams a day they were sending out that was
making the connection slow.

So much for "most windows techs"

You may not, but I would consider that PROPERLY setting up a mailserver
is something that 'most windows techs' should be required to do who
choose to go buy exchange or whatever mailserver, and set it up.


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