Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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[much snippage]
>Nonsense, if you ask me.  For many reasons:
>a. Windows doesn't work nicely even for small networks most of the time.
>It's not the size of the network that matters.  It's the nature of the
>network.  Homogeneous, Windows-only networks will usually work somehow;
>not optimally, mind you, but they can be coerced into working.
>Heterogeneous networking environments, with many different types and
>versions of operating systems, are not so easy to use from Windows.

the same can be said of Cisco based networks. Everything works "better"
with products of the same make.  Even NFS between different un*x boxes
has issues.

Integration is what separates the men from the boys, so don't complain. 
If it were "easy" most of us would be doing something else.

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