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Mon Oct 25 21:36:09 PDT 2004

To update everyone, we have started our first ever designer contest in the forums.  We will be asking designers to develop thier best template with a cash prize of $200 to the winner.  Once the specs are finalized, they will be posted on the forum for eveyone to look at.  Good luck to everyone out there!  To join our fourm please go to the link below.



We still have much more work to do as a community, but the 'company database' is ready to go.  Please feel free to stop in and add your web design firm to the list to help our free service grow.  The submission page resides at http://www.web-design-database.com/submit/  

We have also added a static links page, to help companies gain more relevance in the search engines.  Once the list has grown, this will be added to our home page and companies will be listed by state/city.  It should help if there is a problem of bots not crawling our database.  To become listed in the static list, simply follow the directions after you enter your company into the database.  As always, this is all FREE.

Most importantly, we would LOVE for you to join our ever growing Forum.  WDD would like to create a place where designers, marketers, and hosting companies can come to discuss their ideas about the future of our business.  This site was designed by a small group of designers with some web space.  We used our free time to build a site that can help other designers develop their business.  We have moderators to help with companies just starting out, or advanced designers with a need for a more in-depth approach.  We hope that you will embrace our site as a place to help build.  Everyone here is a volunteer. If you feel you have more to offer, email us to become a moderator of one of the forums.  It will surely show others you level of skill and maybe help you out in freelance jobs.  See you in the Forums!

 - j

WDD Admin

P.S. Your email address was found simply by searching through Dmoz & Google.  We do not use spam lists and are not trying to sell anything.  If we have affended, annoyed, or frustrated your day, we did not do this intentionally. Thanks for your time. 

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