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Mon Oct 25 20:12:04 PDT 2004

Hello Eihab, Hello everyone,

   You rock, it was about
    mv zzzl_3.012 /usr/local/libdata/mgmt.o

   But this information you provided i didnot see it anyhwere..how could i 

   THANKS TOO much :)

>>Hello Eihab, Hello Thomas,
>Hello Marwan :)
>>  I found a Zip file called, SpeedTouch330_firmware_3012.Zip
>>  When I did unzipped this file I found two unknown extention files which 
>>is zzzl_3.012
>>  and kqd6_3.012 and it came to my knowledge from somesite that the file 
>>  is for 330 usb speedtouch and that i have to place it in 
>>/usr/local/libdata/ to be in the same
>>directory with mgmt.o, so I did so, and i did a manual modem run
>>modem_run -v 1 -m -d /dev/ugen0 -f /usr/local/libdata/mgmt.o
>>But still complaining from no firmware found in /usr/local/libdata/mgmt.o
>>Would you please correct my informations please? what additional packages 
>>files i should install?
>The two files zzzl_3.012 and kqd6_3.012 are different versions of the 
>firmware for different modem revisions.
>try: "dmesg -a |grep ALCATEL" to see your modem revision.
>mine says: ugen0: ALCATEL Speed Touch 330, rev 1.10/2.00, addr 2
>kqd6_3.012 is for revision 0 and 2, zzzl_3.012 is for revision 4.
>You need to "Replace" mgmt.o with either one of these files, e.g. do a:
># this will over write the old mgmt.o file with this new one.
>I didn't have much luck with it though, the connection was shaky.
>>I downloaded a fresh copy of the file speedmgmt.tar.gz as Eihab said but 
>>it ask for
>>hotplug-2001_01_16.tar.gz  I also downloaded that hotplugin and I did 
>>install it,
>>but still the make make install for speedmgmt doesnot work and says 
>>operator missing..
>The file speedmgmt.tar.gz contains a few files, you should just copy mgmt.o 
>from it to your /usr/local/libdata/.
>A list of commands for that would be:
># tar -xzvf speedmgmt.tar.gz
>[extracting files]
># cd speedmgmt
># mv mgmt.o /usr/local/libdata/
>Hope this helped.
>Eihab E. Ibrahim
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