Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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>>>> And this differs from your experience in the Windows :-)
>>>I'm not sure I understand your question.  Rephrase or make it more
>>>specific, because answering to such a vague question is pointless.
>> The inability of people to stay on point is as befuddling as it is
>> entertaining.
>> I think we all agree that you wouldn't let a windows tech touch your
>> unix-like box, but you'd have no problem having a unix tech install a
>> windows application. 'nuf said.

>Does this make you think at all?
>Does it worry you that the so-called "technicians" of the Windows world are
>often called to install, configure and run systems just because "they know
>how to 'do' Windows"?
>Is what you describe something that can be considered a disadvantage of the
>way UNIX works (making it pretty much obligatory to "know what you are doing"
>before doing it)?

>Or is it an advantage, after all?
I haven't the foggiest idea what you're asking, but what I originally said 
what that,
although unix may be "better", there are reasons that people use Windows. Just
because FreeBSD may be a better performer or perhaps more flexible, doesn't 
mean that its suitable for use any corporate environment. If you have a staff 
people who "know" windows, you can't just move to FreeBSD and expect 
them to be able to administer it at the same level.

The guy who originally posted was considering using Yahoo as evidence of 
FreeBSDs abilities. But the usefulness of an O/S is also a function of the 
that you have administering it.

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