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> 2) pkg_add -f openoffice-[ver] 
> 3) pkgdb -Fu    # almost all the xorg/xfree pieces have very similar
> names, so selecting the correct dependency is straightforward.  only
> with XFree86-fontScalable might you have to make a choice between
> Type1 or TrueType.  both seem to work, but with slightly different
> results (i'm not sure which is best and don't much care - but if you
> read-up on it, you should be able to figure it out).

The FreeBSD UPDATE file mentiones xorg-fonts-truetype related to
XFree86-fontsScalable while XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps relates to
xorg-fonts-type1. So I think that answers your doubts.

> > I checked the net for information but both parties don't mention
> > eachothers pro's/contra's
> while xorg is now default on 5.3, what they will do with 4.11 is
> unclear (at least to me).  either system (xorg/xfree) will work and
> both should be available via ports for the forseeable future.  in
> short, it is a matter of preference (or features) -- and a decision
> which is entirely up to you.   =]

I *know* I'm the one to decide. That's why I want to know the ins/outs,
pro/contra for each of the systems. I want to read more about it, but
don't know were to look.

Thanks for the pkdgb -Fu tip

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