Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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> >I have tried searching for this but i only get reports made by students
> >and private programmers, i trust a programmer more than a large
> >corporation any day but to show a person i know and convince him i need
> >some serious investigations made by large corporations into comparing
> >BSD and Windows systems in various areas. I would love to get some links
> >that some of you have in your bookmarks on this. The person i'm trying
> >to convince is a hardcore MS fan so i need real evidence of why BSD is
> >better than MS products in server environments.
> >Some friends of mine have told me that yahoo, msn and microsoft all use
> >FreeBSD but until i can show him that and prove it to him that means
> >nothing.
> Better for what? Every product is better at some things and
> weaker at others.
> You can argue that a BMW 325 is "better" than a 540 if you are concerned
> about gas prices, and its certainly more cost effective if your
> only use for
> the
> car is to go a short distance to work or the stores.
> Also, programmers have different criteria than non-programmers.
> Big companies
> are concerned with the ability to find people to administer their
> systems.
> There
> are more people around that can administer MS systems than unix,


> and it can
> be done with a lower level of talent. .

Having seen and dealing with the aftermath of networks owned by
people that thought that, I have to state your out of your gourd.

Windows today is just as complex as any UNIX system.  Sure, maybe
a decade ago a peer-to-peer network of Windows systems your
statement might have been true, but not today.

> A car enthusiast might
> prefer older,
> pre-computer cars because they're easier to tinker with.

They are, that's news to me!  I'll take a computerized engine any day
over fighting rust encroachment in a 25 year old or older vehicle.  And
you just try getting parts for a 1976 Datsun.

> I know more than a
> few people,
> small businessmen mostly, who have been completely screwed because their
> almost
> totally incompetent unix tech guy left the company.

For every small businessman screwed over this way there are ten times
the number who have been screwed over by incompetent Windows tech

Being a screwed over small businessman because your key tech person went
away and turned out to be incompetent is just a sad fact of life.

Most small businessman are small businessman simply because they don't
like working for large companies, ie: they want to be their own boss.

That is all fine and good but the personality type that wants to be
completely in control of their business, ie: be "their own boss"
is generally the same personality type that does not want to hire
a computer tech and tell them "I don't care how you do it or how
much it costs, all I want is for you to get it working reliably"
Instead, they are the type that wants to review every last expenditure
and does not want to give any shred of control to the computer
tech guy, because after all, they didn't go setup their own company
just to be bossed around by the computer tech guy, now did they?

It is a rare small businessman who wants to be their own boss and
yet has the ability to understand that they need to focus on their
core competency and turn over control of the computers to someone
else.  And such people generally when they start small companies,
such companies don't stay small very long, so those people end up
running large companies.

The problem here is that the boss didn't hand the poster a task
and say  "get it done and don't bother me with the details, and
if you can't get it working you don't get paid"

The problem is the boss don't know shit from shinola, read on an
InFlight magazine that Windows is better, and thinks that makes
him competent to micromanage the guy he's hired to do the work.


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