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Haulmark, Chris chris at sigd.net
Sat Oct 23 14:53:06 PDT 2004

Someone broke the silence: 

> On Friday, 22. October 2004 05:50, Haulmark, Chris wrote:
>> Do not include the version number when you use either pkg_update or
>> portupgrade.  Instead, just do like this:
>> pkg_update openldap
>> portupgrade openldap
>> If there are more than one versions, it'll ask you yes or no for each
>> version.
> This is simply wrong (for openldap*). Please try out your suggestions
> yourself before mailing them...

Of course, those were intended to be an example of how to eliminate the use of version numbers as part of the given arg to either tools.

pkg_update was my only mistake as it is removed.  pkg_add is what I meant.

Perhaps, it would been best for you to point out that there are several different openldap packages instead of opting to respond and correct my lack of explanations considering the fact there are different openldap packages available.

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