Startup With GUI

Mike Hauber m.hauber at
Sat Oct 23 12:34:43 PDT 2004

On Saturday 23 October 2004 02:50 pm, Glenn Sieb proclaimed:
> mohammed arab said the following on 10/23/2004 3:25 AM:
> > hi,
> >
> > But i need startup freeBSD with KDE or
> > GNOME.........HOW?
> Substitute kdm for xdm (do a 'which kdm' on the command
> line to give you the right path). Other than that, it's
> the same procedure for startup with kdm as it is for xdm.
> Best,
> G.

Heh....  I just asked a very similar program.  Kdevelop is 
excellent.  Eclipse (although mainly for java) has plugins 
available for C/C++ and some others.  There's also anjuta, 
which I haven't play with much yet (I tend to do better if 
I stick to one).

There's also a Borland txt-style clone available called 

Hope that helps.


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