Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

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Subject: Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

> Some friends of mine have told me that yahoo, msn and microsoft all 
> use FreeBSD but until i can show him that and prove it to him that 
> means nothing.

Yahoo runs FreeBSD as well as many other popular sites.
You can check to find out which site is
running what.

A direct link to yahoo's results:

MSN and Microsoft run Win2k, Win2k3.

Netcraft's website is filled with various surveys/graphs about web 
their performance and uptime. You can find out more information on
how does FreeBSD stand against other OSes as a web server.

As for a comparison between FreeBSD and Windows
you may want to post your question to freebsd-advocacy@
mailing list (?), or wait until someone else replies with
a more fulfilling answer.

Hope this helped.

Eihab E. Ibrahim 

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