Startup With GUI

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Sat Oct 23 05:02:28 PDT 2004

mohammed arab wrote:

> But i need startup freeBSD with KDE or GNOME.........HOW?


Did you take a look at the documentation? That link explains pretty much
all there is to setting up Gnome, KDE and X11.

If you did but did not understand some part of it or there are specific
questions that are not covered, please explain your problem in more detail.

It is not clear what you have installed and what you have not, nor
wether you have problems with starting xdm on boot, starting Gnome when
logging in through the graphical xmd login, problems running startx or
starting Gnome when running startx.

All these things  are covered in that document.

Cheers, Erik

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