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Thu Oct 21 12:36:46 PDT 2004

Geert Hendrickx wrote:
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>>>I believe this road is the way to go, I'm using postfix so if this exact 
>>>solution doesn't work there is certainly a similar one.
>>Yeah, ok, right.
>>When you can get postfix to do this, let us know how you did it.
> In postfix's, set always_bcc = papa at
> It forwards all incoming and outgoing mail to the address specified.  
> GH

OK, so what I did is similar to what Geert recommended.  While I was 
looking up always_bcc, I found the sender_bcc_map and receiver_bcc_map, 
using the two of those I can specify which accounts to apply that for 
instead of blindly applying it to the whole site.

After I had that working, being one to not leave well enough alone, I 
set up up a virtual mail address to log these mails and allow us to 
review them and delete them.

For me it meets the overall monitoring requirement, but so burdensome as 
to make e-mail a pain for them.  Thinking this through and speculating a 
bit, I could come up with a solution similar to the milter which puts 
stuff into a logfile by defining a transport that does that in the file.

Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction.


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