Rid of those Windows Desktops!

Brian Brian at bossbox.com
Thu Oct 21 08:37:44 PDT 2004

		Both would be best for someone coming directly from MS

		Both have high sex-appeal for the great un-washed masses.  I
		know it sounds superfluous, but people's impressions are
		realities.  If someone coming off Windows thinks they're
		a plain-vanilla, featureless environemtn, they won't be as
		satisfied.  If it's "cool" and has lots of bells and
		they *might* have a more favorable impression.

		Both have so many included programs, you may not have to
		separate applications.

		Both are a bear to support AND upgrade.  They are huge
		from ports and prone to tricky upgrade/compile problems.  

		Both have way too many included programs.  Most is not used
		yet you must compile and support them anyway.



Thanks for all the advice so far, I guess I best clear somethings up.

This is a project for the home, to turn all the 2k boxes to FreeBSD
Workstations with some form of GUI.

Personaly I all ready do most of my work from home on a 2k box but ssh'd to
a FreeBSD box in work for mail,irc,lynx etc.

The rest of the famliy have all used FreeBSD without a GUI, eithier
pine,mutt,lynx,irrsi or all of the above at sometime or another and are
fairly comfortable with that.

So even tho most will be coming from a Windows background they're very
comfortable all ready in a UNIX/BSD enviroment. I just want to to take 2k
out of all the machines

And replace them with nice FreeBSD desktops,

XFCE and some of the other applications mentioned all ready seem to be
perfect for this job, xchat firefox etc

Thanks for all the comments please keep them coming 



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