freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 80, Issue 35

Eric S ejs at
Thu Oct 21 08:12:00 PDT 2004

>ok just rebuilt 1.01p4, and i still can't use my arrow keys in forum editor 
>boxes. back to the real mozilla. gg firefox
>and don't complain about my top-posting cause IT'S TEH ROX

Two things.  First, to fix the problem with the arrow keys, make a 
backup of your bookmarks file (and cookie file if you want), nuke the 
default firefox directory under .mozilla, and run firefox again.  
Deleting just the preferences may also work.  After doing this, if you 
deleted the entire directory, you'll need to restore the files that you 
backed up.

Second, when dealing with a forum where you're getting help dealing with 
problems, it's generally best not to lead in with attitude.  It would 
have been easier for me to simply delete the message and keep going, but 
I took the time to post the solution because there might be someone else 
having this problem who is worth answering.  This has nothing to do with 
whether or not you top posted, but rather the attitude displayed.

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